Our legal framework series is aimed at helping investors do business in Mozambique. It is based on the idea that informed investors can more easily follow the law, and the conviction that the rule of law is the best guarantor of property and of orderly and sustained development.

The series has been developed jointly by a number of institutions, including USAID - SPEED, GIZ APSP (Ambiente Propício para o Sector Privado), GTZ PRODER (Programa de Desenvolvimento Rural), CFJJ (Centro de Formação Jurídica e Judiciária), SAL & Caldeira Advogados Lda, Deloitte and ACIS. By combining the experience of these institutions, we hope to give investors clear, practical advice with a sound basis in law.

We welcome your comments about the series.


Please note that while every attempt is made to ensure that the material in this guides is up to date, legislation is changing regularly.

We are about to begin the process of updating all the guides in the series, we would therefore caution users to check specific information with qualified practitioners of law or audit.

Company Setup & Employment
Import & Export
Land & Environment
Sectoring Licensing
Tax & Accounting

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