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Sasol petroleum international (spi) Main business activity

SPI develops and manages our upstream interests in oil and gas exploration and production in Mozambique, South Africa, Gabon and Nigeria. It produces gas from Mozambique’s onshore Temane field and oil from Gabon’s offshore Etame field. Globally, SPI also pursues gas exploration opportunities to enable it to supply feedstock to potential future Sasol GTL plants.

Partnering for growth in Mozambique
Through Sasol Petroleum Temane (SPT) in Mozambique, a subsidiary company of Sasol Petroleum International, we produce and clean natural gas, and maintain an increasing on- and offshore exploration programme. Through its 70:25:5 partnership with CMH (Companhia Moçambicana Hidrocarbonetos), a subsidiary company of Mozambique’s national oil and gas company, ENH (Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos de Moçambique), and the International Finance Corporation, SPT established a series of production wells in the Temane field and continues to develop new production wells in phases. SPT and its Mozambican partners intend to bring into production a series of production wells from the neighbouring Pande gas field. Mozambican gas is processed and compressed at the Temane central processing facility (CPF) before we pipe it to South Africa through an 865-km pipeline linking the CPF to Secunda. This pipeline is owned and operated by The Republic of Mozambique Pipeline Investments Company (Rompco), a company owned 50% by Sasol Gas, 25% by iGas (South Africa’s state owned pipeline development company) and 25% by CMG (Companhia Moçambicana de Gasoduto – Mozambique’s state-owned pipeline investment company). Extensive upgrading of our gas processing facility in Temane is underway in order to support the additional gas evacuation from the Temane and Pande fields to enable the supply of 183MGJ/a of gas. Sasol Petroleum Sofala (SPS) and its partners have completed an extensive 3D seismic program and exploration drilling activity of its offshore license area in Blocks 16 and 19.

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