ACIS HIV/AIDS Workplace Programme

Law 12/2009 of 12 March requires that all companies in Mozambique have an HIV/AIDS workplace programme. This law took effect in September 2009. Regulation of the specific requirements for companies is underway, and until the regulation is published there is no guidance as to the type of activities companies are expected to have in place.

Until such time as a regulation is available, ACIS has prepared a toolkit (available below to download) to support companies in their preparation to implement a workplace HIV/AIDS programme.

ACIS has over five years experience in working with companies of different sizes, in Sofala Province, to implement HIV/AIDS workplace programmes.

The basic principles learned during that time are condensed within this toolkit. The HIV/AIDS pandemic is a very real threat to the economy and to the effectiveness of companies, and is something which must be taken as seriously as its impact merits.

The workplace has proven to provide a useful environment for the communication of messages and information about the disease, and about ways to combat and prevent it.

ACIS believes that by working with employees on this matter companies have a real opportunity to make a difference, both in terms of workplace relations, and in terms of combatting the spread of HIV.

The materials provided below are free of charge. All materials are in Portuguese unless specifially indicated.


Toolkit English 93KB


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Also visit which has a variety of newsletters and information which can be printed and displayed to keep staff up to date, and which includes the government's official positions and statistics on all matters HIV and AIDS related.

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