Corruption and Transparency: Join our fight

Following a survey of members, ACIS identified corruption as one of the major issues affecting its members and, consequently, economic and business development in Mozambique. In partnership with the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), ACIS embarked on a 12-month project which aims to find ways to combat business participation in corruption in Mozambique.

The fight against corruption is an ongoing one. In order for it to succeed there is a need for ongoing discussion and debate, as well as for concrete action. In order to continue to contribute to this debate ACIS developed a toolkit which includes details of discussions with the private sector, the Government’s anti-corruption law and strategy as well as a series of tools to support the private sector in fighting corruption.

ACIS welcomes the comments and thoughts of those who read and use the toolkit, and hopes that you will pass it along to anyone else that may be interested.

Download Toolkit in Portuguese English 680KB

Download Toolkit in English English 772KB

In addition individual ACIS members are invited to sign up to a Code of Business Principles.

ACIS Code of Business Principles English 225KB

For additional tools and information please visit: This portal features ACIS' tools along with many others.

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