About ACIS

ACIS is an a-political, autonomous, private, non-profit association which was founded in 2000 with the aim of contributing to the promotion and development of commerce and industry through the strengthening and sustainability of local business, as well as contributing to the development in Mozambique of an economy based on private sector participation.

Based on our Articles of Association, ACIS' mission is to:

Promote, support and protect the interests, in particular of its members, but also of businesses which undertake commercial and industrial activities in Mozambique; Provide information, support and training for our members; and lobby and advocate on behalf of our members and the private sector in general.

Our vision is of a strong, ethically sound private sector working in a healthy business environment, contributing to the economic development of Mozambique.

Our Team

  - José Manuel Caldeira of Sal & Caldeira Advogados - President of the Board of the General Assembly

 - Alima Zacarias Hussen of Rio Tinto Coal Moçambique - Vice-President of the Board of the General Assembly

 - Carlos Henriques of Mozfoods, SA - President of the Management Committee

 - José Chembeze of COWI Mozambique - Vice President of Management Committee

 - Henriqueta Hunguana of ICC - Management Committee Member

 - Pedro de Santa Maria Tomo of Agro Serviços Lda - Management Committee Member

 - Helder Chambisse of BancABC - Management Committee Member 

 - Domingos Matias Chissancho of GAPI – Investment Society, SA - Fiscal Committee President

 - Celso Raposo of Global Alliance Seguros - Fiscal Committee Vice-President 

 - Denise Cortês Keyser - Executive Director

 - Nicolette Middleton Rawjee - Director of Finance and Administration

ACIS Members

ACIS currently has over 240 members representing a combined investment of 70 billion US dollars, with a combined workforce of more than 75,000 employees, and working with more than 450,000 community outgrowers.

A full list of our members is available in our Member Directory.

ACIS Management

ACIS is ultimately managed by a General Assembly which comprises all Full Members of the association. The General Assembly is led by a President and Vice-President. It elects a Management Committee, which is responsible for the day-to-day running of the association, and a Fiscal Committee which is responsible for financial oversight and auditing. The elected official meet on a monthly basis and members are able to submit any comments, concerns and questions they have about the management of the association at these meetings.

On a day-to-day basis ACIS is run by an executive secretary, and an administration team overseen by the management and fiscal committees. ACIS prides itself on efficient and effective management and financial transparency. In 2005 ACIS achieved ISO 9001:2000 quality systems management certification and the association is run in accordance with an ISO certified management manual.

ACIS Finances

ACIS depends for its day-to-day operations on the fees paid by members. This enables us to retain the independent voice with which we have become synonymous.

Membership fees are as follows:

  • 2,000Mt to join
  • 1,200MT per month (Small company: turnover up to 14,700,000MT) and 2,200MT per month (Medium/Large company: turnover above 14,700,000MT)
  • Fees are invoices in six month or annual blocks.
  • All fees are subject to an official invoice and receipt issued electronically by us, based on the details you provide above

ACIS is VAT registered with the Ministry of Finance and has a registered accounts technician who prepares monthly accounts using government-approved Primavera software. Accounts are distributed regularly to all members.

In addition, for special projects ACIS may seek additional funding from donor organisations and has in the past worked with among others GTZ (German Technical Cooperation), CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency), CIPE (Center for International Private Enterprise) and ECoSIDA (Business Against AIDS). These funds are accounted back to the relevant donor organisation and also to our members.

Download a brochure about us  188KB

Download our Registration Form   71KB

Download our Statutes  326KB 

(Note, while only companies registered and incorporated in Mozambique can become full ACIS members we also have Correspondent Membership available for companies registered outside Mozambique and not non-commercial entities in Mozambique)

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About ACIS - Sede

Sede: Rua Artur Canto de Resende, nº 522, Edifício Sumaila Shopping, Bairro do Maquinino

Beira, Moçambique

Tel: +258 84 300 30 04


About ACIS - Sucursal

Sucursal: Av. da Marginal, Edifício das Torres Rani, Escritórios 6º Andar

Maputo, Mozambique

Tel:  +258 84 093 95 28

email: aciscoms@acismoz.com